2015 Spanish Blend

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The 2015 Spanish Blend is made from a 50/50 blend of our Picual and Arbequina varieties. The Picual, however, is the dominant flavour as the Arbequina was exceptionally delicate and very subtle. The nose is a vivid aroma of tomato bushes and salad leaves that are very typical of Spanish Picual.

The palate has great depth of flavour and good body with some bitterness and mild late pungency. This oil was awarded a Silver in the 19th National Australian Olive Oil Awards in September 2015.

When this oil was originally produced the laboratory testing for certification showed the Best Before Date was the 8th of July 2017.  We had the oil re-tested in November 2016 and the revised Best Before Date is now 30 November 2018.  It has aged remarkably well and is in terrific condition.  We won't re-label any existing cans, but for new packing runs, we'll put the BBF as 8th July 2018 to be conservative.