Using Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is an amazing healthy food.  Contrary to myth, YOU should use Extra Virgin Olive oil for Cooking in addition to drizzling over food and dipping with bread and dukka's.  Olive oil is approximately 75% Mono-Unsaturated fats, which in contrast to Butter with close to 50% Saturated fat is good for you.  Fresh Extra Virgin Olive oil with its high Mono-Unsaturated fats actively work to help your cholesterol and with the Polyphenols from fresh EVOO are a terrific daily source of antioxidants.

But you can not only use it as food it is a wonderful moisturiser for your skin and hair.  

Use Extra Virgin Olive Oil in ALL your Cooking

Pour it on like Sauce

Dip to taste the amazing flavours

Stay tuned for ways to use Olive Oil on your skin and in your hair