Fresh Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Fresh Extra Virgin Olive oil is the best for you. To make fresh EVOO requires that the fruit be harvested at the right time and processed quickly without delay after the harvest.

Fresh Extra Virgin Olive has the highest level of anti-oxidants, polyphenols and flavour. Olive oil slowly declines in each of these attributes as it ages and is exposed to Ultra Violet light and Oxygen.

Modern harvesting and processing practices in Australia are among the best in the world and so we have some of the very best fresh EVOO you can get.

only Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil

You don't need to look for expensive imported extra virgin olive oils when Australian Extra Virgin Olive oil is easy to find in your supermarkets, farmers markets and online.  

Australian EVOO is produced and on the market very soon after harvesting. It doesn't travel tens of thousands of kilometers to get to you by a slow boat and it isn't adulterated or chemically refined.

Certified Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil

To help you have confidence that you are getting exactly what you want the Australian Olive Oil industry worked with the Australian Standards organisation to establish a world leading standard for Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The industry then developed a Code of Practice to augment the standard and ensure business processes meet food safety and quality requirements.

This means you can believe what you read on the label when you see the symbol shown here. It is a symbol of authenticty developed to help you have confidence in the product you are buying.



Everyday Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil

It is now well known that true Extra Virgin Olive oil is very good for you. Many people think it just for dipping and tasting, but our European friends who live on a Mediterranean diet use it for everything.

Cook, Drizzle and Dip with it because it has been shown that the method of consumption is not greatly important; it is the amount of fresh extra virgin olive oil you use that is. 45ml per person per day combined with lots of other healthy grains, fruits and vegetables should be your target.

Click below and enjoy the wonderful information at the Australian Olive Oil Everday Campaign. It is full of great information.