2018 - 2019 Product Range

Our 2018 harvest was dramatically different to 2017 due to poor rainfall and tree stress from the huge crop in 2017.

Despite this the yields from the crop were remarkably consistent across all the varieties.

Our Estate Spanish oil is a 60/40 blend of our Spanish Arbequina and Picual varieties.

Our Estate Frantoio oil is almost an exact 50/50 blend of our Italian Frantoio and Leccino varieties.

The Mediterranean oil is a 100% single varietal oil made from Kalamata fruit.

For the first time ever we have created a tasting pack of our oils in bottles to allow you the ability to affordably purchase our three oils in small sizes that you can then sample before buying full size packages.  Or you can wrap them and give them as a gift box.  We re-purposed a suitable box and added some foam packaging to allow this bundle to be shipped safely.



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